07 January 2008

Season 8, Volume I

Leery, that's how I felt about the saga of Buffy the Vampire Slayer continuing in comic book form after its TV series finale. I thought the TV finale was a great ending to the series, so I was afraid of being disappointed by the comics.

I got the first five issues bound in one volume for xmas. What a great gift it turned out to be!

Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Season 8 Volume I: The Long Way Home by Joss Whedon, #1-4 penciled by Georges Jeanty, #5 penciled by Paul Lee (overall 4/5)

I shouldn't have started reading it so late because I couldn't put it down until I'd finished the four issue story, "The Long Way Home." The fifth issue, "The Chain," is a stand-alone story.

The more familiar you are with the Buffyverse, the more you'll get out of these stories as they do pick up where the TV series left off and pull from its dense history. Seeing familiar characters in comic book form took a little getting used to as they don't always mirror the actors exactly, but the artwork is well done and detailed. I keep noticing new stuff in the art.

I hate spoilers so I won't go into plot, but the Joss-written banter you loved on the show is here. It's Buffy but without the budget and scheduling restraints of the small screen. I'm really looking forward to volume 2!

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  1. It's pretty damn good, isn't it? I haven't picked up the Angel comics yet that pick up after the series finale -- maybe I'll do that today... :)

  2. Just read that the next BtVS volume (#6-10) isn't coming out until June. Not sure I can wait!

    I'm tempted by the Angel series too. And the Firefly comics. FF's are standalones as I understand it though. One after the series but before Serenity, one called A or The Sheperd's Tale about Book, and a 3rd I think. I'll take Joss creations just about any way I can.

  3. Oh, they are *so* good, aren't they??? I've been reading them one comic at a time, and every time one ends, I can't wait for the next one!

  4. Absolutely, Liz! I may take the one-at-a-time approach with the Angel comics if I can find a comic book store anywhere nearby.