31 January 2008

Nothing like...

...wearing an old ill-fitting brassiere to make you wish you'd done laundry yesterday.

During my bra shopping escapades last September, I had so little faith in the endeavor. Coping with slipping straps and other bra-induced fidgetiness just seemed my lot.

Discovering a traditional style brassiere whose straps didn't slip was a revelation. The fidgetiness wasn't inherent to me in bras, it was me in the wrong bras.

There are probably brassieres out there that would fit even better, and I never did get myself measured, but for now I'll enjoy my significantly better fitting cheap upgrades. Well, I will tomorrow. Excuse me while I get out of this thing.

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  1. i pretty much get fitted every time i buy a new bra. my size fluctuates that much! i think that if every woman got fitted there could be a revolution in women's self-esteem. the right bra does wonders. heh!

  2. Hey there. It's kelly from Ordinary Art. You can send me the interview questions at
    Looking forward to it.

  3. Sizz: Good for you. I keep telling myself I'll have it done when I'm at a Nordstrom's somewhere, but that's probably just a convenient excuse since I don't live near one. Where do you get measured?

    I have discovered that the key to measuring oneself is to use a mirror so you can be sure to keep the tape level.

    Kelly: Cool, thanks.