19 January 2008


Have chunks of public domain books emailed to you for free from DailyLit. As they say on the site:

DailyLit sends books in installments via e-mail. DailyLit currently offers over 400 classic public domain titles that can be subscribed to and read in their entirety for free. ... Readers can choose how often and at what time they want the e-mails sent to them (e.g. every weekday at 6:30am). Books on DailyLit can be read any place that a reader receives e-mail, including on a PDA, Blackberry, Trio, etc. Each installment of a book can be read in under 5 minutes, and if a reader is done with a particular installment, a reader can receive the next installment immediately in his/her e-mail Inbox.

What a cool idea for the busy person on the go. You can search for books by category, title, or author. Some popular free titles are listed here.

Note that they also offer more recent titles for a price; these are well marked.

Ooh, I just noticed that you can also subscribe to books via an RSS feed. Sweet.

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