01 September 2007

Fresh view

It's been a long time since I watched The Sound of Music all the way through. I had my favorite songs, but I'd get bored when the Nazi part of the storyline took over.

A few years ago, a museum near my parents held an outdoor screening sing-a-long of the film. I'm sorry I wasn't around for that; it sounded like a lot of fun.

Tonight, for the first time in many years, I turned it on for background while I put fresh sheets on my bed. "Edelweiss" was never a favorite of mine, but I left it on to see the children's party farewell song.

During the party (everyone's seen this movie, right? If not, I'll skip down a few lines for possible spoilers..)

... Maria and the Captain demonstrate an Austrian folk dance to the children. I'd forgotten it, but damn if it wasn't pretty hot. I'd learn that dance for the right man in a correspondingly rockin' tux. I might even be coaxed into a twirly dress.

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  1. I had not thought about The Sound of Music in years. Great film. I do not like everything about it either, but I think it's really cool. I have never thought about having the TV on when I change the sheets on my bed!

  2. It's nice to have some distraction when I'm fighting with a fitted sheet that has elastic all the way round. :)

  3. Yeah, when the damn sheets have elastic all around, you don't know which side is which! Highly frustrating, frankly!