11 September 2007

Floor time

When I was a frosh in college, I spent a fair amount of time lying on my dorm room floor listening to music and staring up. I used to carry an insane amount of tension in my shoulders and back, and relaxing into the floor helped. There was ample head room above my top bunk bed, but I often preferred the hardness of the floor. The perspective change was something I enjoyed.

The tension that used to feel like steel rods spanning my shoulder blades is now only the sporadic knot, but it's still nice to look up from the floor now and again, soaking in good alt. rock and the altered perspective. I'd still be there now if I could blog on my back.

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  1. lol! I have this tendency of visualising whatever I read and here I couldn't hold my laughter back watching you in my minds eye on your back with your laptop in the air above you! The first word which sprang in my mind was MATRIX! Wonder why?!

  2. I'm sure Neo could suspend his keyboard above himself with no problem. ;)