14 July 2005

Sing along

Today's not discernibly different from yesterday for me except that it's ten degrees hotter, it's more humid, and I find myself singing. No good news, no occasion, just singing and the pleasure that comes from a day I find a little more range, and a little more control without trying for it.

This afternoon's song stylings:
"Not enough time" - INXS
"Pick yer nose" - Ani DiFranco
"Midgets with guns" - Pain
"Chains of love" - Erasure
"Alphabet street" - The Accidentals


  1. "Pick yer nose" - Ani DiFranco

    But you secretly like Tori Amos better, right? :-D

    *come to the Tori camp*

  2. Apples 'n' oranges.

    I do like Tori Amos (not more), but I can't think of any tunes of hers offhand that would be something I'd sing to.