26 July 2005

Daiquiri lost

The amazing Japanese restaurant that we hit for special occasions in my youth burned down yesterday. It hasn't been a restaurant in 9 years, but it still makes me sad. A sizable group of my parents friends, mom, dad, my brother and I would sit on cushions on the floor, our shoes off, legs stretched under the low table trying foods I'd never heard of before. I had my first taste of a strawberry daiquiri there: it was the first alcoholic beverage to have a taste I liked.

Shuji's opened in 1969 and closed in 1998. Wasn't due to a lack of business, there was just no one else capable of running it, and the owners wanted to retire. It was special, and I'm grateful I was able to experience it.


  1. I found your posting and was sorry to hear about the restaurant burning. My mother spent summers living in the house before it became Shuji's and I was hoping to see it someday.


  2. I still miss it from time to time. That house would've been pretty cool to live in, I bet.