12 July 2005

I miss Michael Hutchence

How bizarre is it to replace a band member lost to suicide by way of American Idol style tv? I suppose no more so than having an official memorial website.

Although INXS is looking for a new singer, guitarist Tim Farriss says the band isn't "in any way, shape or form trying to replace Michael Hutchence."

"What we really want is somebody who brings their own personality along and someone completely different," Farriss told AP Radio in a recent interview.

I caught a piece of Rock Star: INXS tonight and saw some impressive performances by men and women. The band deserves to move on, to fill MH's slot: I can understand that even if the method of choice seems somewhat disrespectful. I'm just glad I got to see them in concert when they were at their height in the late eighties. Michael Hutchence was something to behold.


  1. How bizarre is it to replace a band member lost to suicide by way of American Idol style tv?

    Dude, for real.

    (Hi, I'm Butterfly Woman, a chick who occasionally shows up on Cautionary Tale, and I often have intelligent things to say...as this comment proves. :-)

  2. Welcome. And yes, of course, I've seen you around (so to speak) Cautionary Tale. I don't think we've actually met, but I'll have to check with Cathy.

    Your comment clearly shows you are kindred since you use 'dude' as the expressive force it's meant to be. ;)

  3. Tim Farriss knew exactly what he was doing when he used reality tv to find a lead singer. That is a complete lie because when he was interviewed after the finale he said he would and could stop thinking of Michael still being alive now that he has found and chosen jd.

  4. Well, anonymous, you clearly have an attachment to the new INXS, but your comment doesn't make a whole lot of sense. What's a lie? I linked to the article I quoted from and the rest was just me expressing an opinion... from a year and a half ago.

    If it took Tim Farriss 9 years and finding JD through a reality show to accept that Michael was dead, he's got bigger issues. (Please note: I don't think this is the case, but it's what your comment implies.)