20 May 2016

Life of Art SitRep #327 Luggage and Culling

This has mostly been an in progress sort of week. Not much I could cross off lists.

I worked on two photographs and got them far enough I wasn't sure I wanted to use them. sigh. I did successfully make my first panorama stitch inside Lightroom which was pretty cool because it was so simple. Also tried the HDR function on a couple of image sets but didn't care for those.

Skimmed through my archive of photographs pulling out some other possibilities.

Created some new templates and my first two pieces of Luggage!

Made a new Rugged Samsung Galaxy S7 OtterBox Cases collection

Rocklawn Arts blogged Rugged Samsung Galaxy S7 OtterBox Cases Collection. Should be up next Tuesday.

Shot 75 photographs.

Deleted 162 photos and 3 videos shot in 2015.

Remade some templates for Light Switch Covers to account for the new multiple switch and dimmer sizes now available.

Culled some discontinued and 50 other products from my shop.

How was your week?

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