20 May 2005

Not so much about Star Wars

At its simplest, I'll just say that I still prefer the original movies to the prequels. The musical score still does something for me, but then it hasn't changed much. Usually I'd wait until Monday or Tuesday to see a new release, but I wasn't in the mood to dodge all commentary on the film for three days.

I love living in a place where I can hit a matinee of SW opening weekend with no hassle: no lines, no waiting of any kind: just walk up and buy a ticket. Since I generally hate crowded theaters, I took the precaution of attending a showing before schools let out, and it paid off admirably with an audience size of about 10. I'm still kind of amazed they had showings at 3:45 and 6:00 AM this morning- I doubt they had more than 6 people between both shows.

All this is in contrast to my LA movie going experiences. In particular, I remember going with a friend to see Titanic three months after it'd come out. The showing we'd wanted to attend was sold out so we bought tickets to see it 2 hours later since it was still showing on multiple screens. After bumming around Burbank for a couple hours, we waited in line to get into the theater. Our showing was sold out as well so the theater was packed. During the previews, the man sitting behind me sneezed on my neck. Throughout the whole film, a Chinese man next to me kept repeating lines from the film just after they'd been said, and then he would turn to his companion and translate it into Chinese. That film never had a prayer at sucking me in.

Hooray for empty theaters!

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