13 May 2016

Life of Art SitRep #326 Momentary Completion

This week, I finished adding select photographs to the new collections of:
OtterBox iPhone 6/6s Cases
OtterBox iPhone 6/6s Plus Cases
OtterBox iPhone SE/5/5S Cases
OtterBox Samsung Galaxy S7 Cases

Created a new Bold iPhone 6/6s Plus OtterBox Cases Collection:

Rocklawn Arts blogged New Bold iPhone 6/6s Plus OtterBox Cases Collection
New OtterBox iPhone 6/6s Cases at Rocklawn Arts!
New OtterBox Samsung Galaxy S7 Cases at Rocklawn Arts!
New iPhone SE/5/5S OtterBox Cases at Rocklawn Arts!
(The last two will post next week.)

Finishing the large project of the new OtterBox case lines left me a bit out of sorts. Not in a bad way, just wanting to appreciate the accomplishment while feeling a drive to move in some way forward.

Reordered collections some.

Shot over 266 photographs. Haven't uploaded the batch from today yet, another 20?

Culled 73 photos from 2015.

Drew some sketches and did a draft in pencil for the final version.

Worked on a recent gouache painting in Photoshop and decided I should just try to paint it again.

Then I turned my attention to a scan of blank water color paper for use as a background of another work in progress. Decided it would be easier to scan a trimmed down piece that will lie totally flat on the scanner than to adjust for subtle color shift in existing scan.

Lots of starting over this week.

I did finish some work on another watercolor painting I made a couple weeks ago. (I don't promise I won't find something to change the next time I open the digital file though.)

How was your week? Any progress or setbacks?

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