28 August 2015

Life of Art SitRep #290 Two Steps Back For A Brighter Tomorrow

So... last week I laid out my new system, but this week I discovered a flaw which was better addressed now than later. And then I found a couple other nitpicky details I wanted to change.

Thank Science for "find and replace." That did ease the work of the finer points. The link revising was more cumbersome. But I did finish it! Well, the offline part of this endeavour anyway.

At that point, I hit pause to thoroughly back up my work.

Now it's back to the beginning of revising descriptions and tags. I've done two so far. Pretty sure there's at least a hundred to go plus an alarming number which will have to be done individually. Ah well, it's progress.

Also made some updates to my stores... which, hmm, are not live just yet. I'll keep you posted.

Created some more Pillowcases:
Rainbow Colored Planets Pillowcase
Rainbow Colored Planets Pillowcase by RocklawnArts
Check out Rainbow Pillowcases online at zazzle

Created some more iPad Cases. (There's no direct link to all of the iPad Air 2/iPad Air Folio Cases I've been adding at the moment, but they are currently the Newest additions and will therefore show at the top of the page on that link.) Each of the iPad Air 2/iPad Air cases is also available as cases for the iPad Mini, iPad 2/3/4, and Kindle Fire HD/HDX. Just select the appropriate model in the sidebar of the product's page.

How was your week?

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