01 January 2014

Life of Art 2013: the year in review

Happy New Year! Here's to a 2014 that exceeds all your best hopes!

For the past 203 Fridays, I've been tracking my efforts to create a life of art for myself. Here's a look at what I accomplished in 2013.

•I created 56 new photographs and designs which I added to my Rocklawn Arts shop, mostly designs.
Checkered Black and WhiteCheckered Red and WhiteCheckered Navy and WhiteBlack Polka Dots on White

White Polka Dots on BlackWhite Polka Dots on RedWhite Polka Dots on GreenCheckered Green and White

Black and White Diamond PatternWhite and Black Diamond PatternRed, White, Black Diamond PatternRed and White Diamond Pattern
•I added 36 new product types to Rocklawn Arts for a total of 11,162 new items and 332 new templates (up and down from 4007 and 427, respectively, the previous year). Let's start with iPhone cases:
Graft iPhone 5/5S Cases
SkinIt iPhone 5/5S Cases
Case Savvy iPhone 5/5S Cases

Case-Mate Tough Xtreme iPhone 5 Cases
iPhone 5C Cases

SkinIt iPhone 4/4S Cases
Case Savvy iPhone 4 Cases
White and Green Diamond PatternGreen and White Diamond PatternWhite and Red Diamond PatternBlack, White, Red Diamond Pattern
•iPad Cases:
Powis iCase iPad Cases
DODOcase iPad Cases
Skinit iPad Cases

Case Savvy iPad Cases
Case-Mate iPad Cases
Blue AbstractGreen, White, Red Diamond PatternChristmas Diamond PatternNavy and White Diamond Pattern
•iPad Air and iPad Mini Cases:
Case-Mate iPad Air Cases
DODOcase iPad Air Cases
Powis iPad Air Cases

Powis iCase iPad Mini Cases
Skinit iPad Mini Cases
Rickshaw iPad Mini Sleeves
White and Navy Diamond PatternBlack and White ZigzagRed and White ZigzagGreen and White Zigzag
•Other Cases:
iPod Touch 5G Cases

Samsung Galaxy S4 Cases
SkinIt Samsung Galaxy S3 Cases
Navy and White ZigzagPurple and White ZigzagWhite and Purple Diamond PatternGreen Water

Purple and White Diamond PatternLight Blue and White ChevronsLight Blue and White ZigzagLight Blue and White Diamond Pattern
Home sundries:
Light Switch Covers
Table Lamps
Hanging Lamps

Poker Chips
Wrapping Paper
Pewter Snowflake Ornaments
Black and White MeanderOrange and White MeanderLight Blue and White MeanderBlue and White Meander

Green and White MeanderRed and White MeanderRed, White, Green MeanderChristmas Meander
•Kitchen sundries:
Candy tins and jars
Cutting Boards
Purple and White MeanderBlurred Christmas LightsPink and White MeanderLavender and White Meander
Pocket Journals
Big Greeting Cards
Orange and White ZigzagChristmas ZigzagPink and White ZigzagPink and Black Zigzag
Men's flip flops
Women's flip flops
May28th Watches
Green and Red Diamonds on WhiteRed and Green Diamonds on WhiteRed Diamonds on WhiteGreen Diamonds on White

Light Blue Diamonds on WhiteWhite Diamonds on RedBlack Diamonds on WhiteWhite Diamonds on Black

•Took part in a local group art show.

•Went to a few museums and art/craft shows.

•Watched several Creative Live workshops. With their increased number of workshops, I've become a lot more discerning. There's only so much time, ya know?

Read 46 books, graphic novels, or book-like things. Not everything shows up on GoodReads, but most of it's there if you'd like to take a look.

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