21 September 2013

Menu Options

Do any businesses exist that use automated phone message systems that do *not* say, "Our menu options have changed"?

Because, FYI, I do. not. care. and it makes you sound like you don't have it together.

You know what I do when I know the menu number to press? I PRESS IT. BEFORE YOUR WHOLE DAMN MESSAGE PLAYS.

And you know what happens? It's usually fine and if it's not? They just transfer me to the right department.

So spare me that 2 wasted seconds every time I don't know the menu number. When you consider the aggregate of all the people who call you, that's a lot of time wasted.

At least re-record your message when the options haven't changed for weeks or longer. Please?

Look, I get it. No one in the office likes recording the phone message. Write out a script and you can pay me to do it. I have a nice, clear speaking voice and good editing skills. Your message will be concise once I'm through with you.

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