09 August 2013

Life of Art SitRep #183 Watches and The Slog!

If you've been following along, you know I've been adding new stickers, cases, and flipflops to my existing designs in my Rocklawn Arts shop. It's really taking me longer than I thought it would. Beyond that, this week I discovered Zazzle is also offering watches now. So I made templates for them and continued plodding forward. Once I got to the end of my designs, I went back to the beginning of the list to add the watches for the designs I'd already added everything else to.

I really wanted to finish that this week, but I counted at least 24 more designs to go and decided to call it a night before I start making mistakes. And there's still all the photographs to do! sigh. I'll get it done. Eventually.

Some highlights:
Blue and White Chevrons Watches
Blue and White Chevrons Watches by RocklawnArts
View Cool Watches online at zazzle
Yellow and Black Chevrons Sandals
Yellow and Black Chevrons Sandals by RocklawnArts
See more Caution colors Flip Flops at zazzle.com
White Polka Dots on Red
White Polka Dots on Red by RocklawnArts
Find other Red Casemate Cases at zazzle.com

The Slog had a few nice breaks however. I went to an art & craft show, an exhibit at an art museum, and shot 129 photographs. I should've asked to stop on the way to the craft show to get the landscape photographs I wanted but I was endeavoring to be accommodating. What was I thinking?! Perfect skies are transient. Ah well, I can try again another time.

I updated my LOA summary and links files with the new products.

Reordered the subcategories of most of my store folders.

Also consolidated all of my desert photographs into one main folder. And huzzah! it's showing up in my store at last. Sigh of relief.

How was your week?

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