08 August 2013

Back at Cheers

"Hey, Claire. How are you?"

I had just walked into the bank where everybody knows my name.

"Hey, Shelby, good thanks. How are you?" I said.


I added, "I mean, I'd be better if I won the lottery." Alas, last night's Powerball winners were from New Jersey and Minnesota.

"You won the lottery?" she said.

"No, no, no," I was shaking my head, trying to backtrack as quickly as possible. "I'd be better IF I won the lottery.

"Oh," Shelby said, understanding what she'd misheard. "I'd be happy for you if you won."

I considered and discarded a couple of replies related to the bank. She sounded sincere to me, so I just soaked in the nice sentiment.

3 years ago on TTaT: Sketchbook, page 41

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