03 May 2013

Life of Art SitRep #169 Don't just make art, show it!

Despite what I said last week, I decided to go with a first person artist statement/bio. Much more me. Ultimately my goal is to get people to my Rocklawn Arts website, so my name is not particularly important.

Also once I factored in formatting since I was writing it to be displayed on the wall, my name felt plenty prominent.

Next time I will get an 8.5" X 11" instead of an 8"x10" frame. Getting the printer to behave was a real pain. Though it claims to be full bleed, it refused to print within 13/16" of the edge, i.e. 1/16" past 3/4". ARgh!

I also discovered that I've learned just enough about type and formatting text to drive myself crazy. Took me a good while to get it sorted but I think it turned out decent. Took even longer to get the text finalized. That's what happens when you aim for conciseness though.

Once I finished it, I trimmed it to size and framed it.

I reread the drop-off instructions:
I would like to set up the exhibit on Wednesday, May 1th in the afternoon. I welcome your participation; please do have your work dropped off and ready to hang/display...
Do you see which bit started making me anxious?

I'll give you a hint: I dislike hanging things that need to be arranged and spaced just so.

Yup, it was "I welcome your participation" which made me wonder if I was going to get roped into hanging my work and possibly more.

I did a two minute power pose (have you heard about this? I'll have to write more on that another time.) before getting into my car to drop off my art work. On the drive over, I considered possible perks (choosing where my photographs would hang) and excuses (I can't stay, I have an appointment...) until I settled on a flat statement of "Sorry, I can't stay" sans explanation.

It worked out great as I wasn't even asked to hang anything. I would say that the power pose helped me believe I could pull off saying that I couldn't do it. If the artists' reception is on my non-conflict day (even if it isn't I'll probably still go), I will be testing out power poses again.

The group show runs through May 29, 2013, so if you'll be in/near Western Massachusetts, let me know and I'll give you the deets if you're interested.

In other art show prep, I

Used my new artist bio to update my profile and store descriptions on Zazzle.

Changed my store's Top picks to include the photographs I put in the art show.

Put my fabrics and leather photographs' folders into one main Materials category.

Set up gmail so I can send from my Rocklawn Arts email address. Added default signature to it. Made Rocklawn label.

Watched end of Photoshop Automation and Productivity and Photoshop Creativity with Dave Cross.

I always learn something new but I feel like I've reached a tipping point where what I really need to do is practice and apply what I've learned so far.

And finally, since we tipped over to May, I did my monthly backups (which includes blog posts!). These are in addition to my weekly off-site backups and somewhat more frequent backups depending on what I've done lately. Make your backups, people!

Two years ago on TTaT: I am a relaxation ninja. <<< A good reminder, this.

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