18 January 2013

Life of Art SitRep #154 Zag! Zag! Zag!

This week I tried to balance my efforts out a bit more. Not just adding new products but addressing behind-the-scenes and less obvious larger tasks as well.

I consolidated the winter photographs in my store into one category with subfolders. I also did this with my chevrons designs. This condenses my main page by 4.5 rows, nearly a page of scrolling.

Wrote 2 product reviews.

Created Checkered Red and White and Checkered Navy and White designs. Wrote product descriptions for each and added them to my shop.
Checkered Red and White Samsung Galaxy SIII Cases
Checkered Red and White Samsung Galaxy SIII Cases by RocklawnArts
Find other Red and white Casemate Cases at zazzle.com
Checkered Red and White Room Stickers
Checkered Red and White Room Stickers by RocklawnArts
Check out other Red and white Wall Decals at zazzle.com

Rocklawn Arts blogged both new designs which will go up next Tuesday and Thursday.

Double-checked and removed all In Progress Designs that shouldn't have been there (in this case all 60 or so).

Swapped out all Top Picks for my store to newer cases and designs.

I began the daunting project of revising the descriptions and updating the tags of all but my most recent designs. It's a time consuming process and kind of a hassle, but I started with one design.

When I finished it, I kind of wished I'd added one more line break to the description, but I let it go since it was a minor flaw.

I started working on the second design and noticed additional flaws in the first regarding the spacing and sizing of the related designs section. The perfectionish within would not let it go, so Zag! I redid it, noticed another anomaly and did it yet again. Double Zag! Then I was actually done with the first design. I learned a few things I need to look out for with the rest.

The second design was also a pain to revise, both more of a hassle than I'd even feared. Some of this should get easier as I go, right? Right?! Sigh. So very many photographs and designs to go.

However! With any luck (or painstaking keyword research), these efforts will pay off by making my inventory more accessible via search on the web. It's all about more eyeballs finding my work. Knock wood.

Aside from the usual promotional posts, I finished out the week by making a 2013 Life Of Art summary file and updating it.

How are your projects going?

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