14 September 2012

Life of Art SitRep #136 A photograph

Do you ever put off doing things that will ultimately make your life much easier? Not sure why I didn't make a set of digital image templates sooner. Sure, it took a good part of a day to do but it's going to save me so much time down the line.

Also this week, I shot 52 photographs, 13 of which with a friend's new camera. 42x optical zoom! Holy cow that's a lot of zoom!

I finished creating Samsung Galaxy Cases, Motorola Droid RAZR Cases, and HTC Vivid Cases for my existing designs at last, yay!

Started looking through 2012 archive for images I might want to put on zazzle and marked possible folders.

Post-processed Happy Buddha With Snow Facial photograph, wrote a description for it and added it to my shop.

Check out the complete collection of Happy Buddha With Snow Facial products.

Also updated my Winter Cards lens and a few other random things.

How was your week?

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