14 September 2010

A solution!

As I walked away from the cake-specializing bakery today, I realized my solution was even better than I'd considered. Shopping for my mom's birthday is routinely challenging, but it actually gets on my nerves more because it's two days before mine. I'm not in the mood to pull teeth for suggestions (all of 2 this year), hunt for gifts, or fight with wrapping paper when I'd rather coast up to my own birthday unfettered.

Of course I know it's selfish and petty. There's only one way the compressed birthdays will change, and I do not wish for it in the least. I'm not a total prat.

Anyway, ordering the cake had appeal because it would get me off the hook for baking, a great boon considering how messed up my sinuses have been recently. Not having to wrap anything is a super awesome bonus. All I have to do is pick it up in a few days.

If skipping a birthday cake for myself* is the price of a few days mental peace, I'll take it.

*I'm sure her cake will be good; it's just not anything I would choose.

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