06 August 2012

Still computerless....

...at least in all the meaningful ways because obviously I'm on a computer right now. A PC with a horrible keyboard, agh!

But it's given me a great excuse to watch an awful lot of the Olympics.

My favorite athlete so far is the female archer from Bhutan. She was one of 2 competitors from her country and she got to be the flag bearer for the opening ceremonies. In archery they have wildcard slots that allow more countries to compete even if their archers aren't ranked as high as the medal contenders. The idea is that seeing someone from your country compete will increase interest in archery. It's a cool way to grow the sport.

In any case, the Bhutan archer had the wildcard slot in female individuals and even though she was outmatched, you could tell she was shooting her best and that she was really happy to be there. Such a great smile! And she gets to go home as an Olympian, how awesome is that?

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