13 April 2012

Life of Art SitRep #114 Counterintuitive

So this week I got a lot done despite being sick. Haven't felt too badly past couple of days but I haven't quite kicked it and my energy and patience are low. At the moment, all I really want to do is play Lego Harry Potter. I'm so close to done with that game.

To sum up, I created 62 templates and 138 new products for my store.

Custom Skins for guitar controllers, laptops, phones, hard drives, headphones, iPads, and more.

Also added some more Tangerine Tango to my shop with an Orange and White Gingham Pattern:

Check out the complete collection of Orange and White Gingham Pattern products.

I also soaked in a ridiculous amount of workshop time via Creative Live. Rewatches for the final day are running now. Check it out!

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