03 January 2012

Low profile

Rather than resolutions, I've been picking themes for the past several years.

2007: Engage
2008: The Sleeper Must Awaken.
2009: Begin anyway
2010: You Shall Be Known As Usul.

And then came 2011. I played it close to the vest for a long time, not writing about it until May in a post called Caveats. Turns out that “a person needs new experiences” (another quote from Dune) is exactly the sort of thing that the proverb "Be careful what you wish for. You might get it." warns about.

Although I had many new experiences in 2011, I wouldn't wish them on anyone. The dreadful way most of the year played out soured me on picking a theme at all for this year.

And yet… “Ease” came to mind and took root in my brain. It felt right even as I resisted choosing a theme.

Certainly not the most ambitious guiding principle but one I could use after last year.

It's already turning up in ways I hadn't anticipated, good ways. I looked at some planners from years past that have been sitting on my side desk for a couple of years and knew where to put them. Getting rid of some clutter, finding places for things: the space that provides is a form of ease.

I was down for the count much of last year, so by fall I was racing to catch up. My attitude towards most everything became, I could do that or I could work on Rocklawn Arts. I routinely chose work favoring product creation over other big picture tasks.

I need to ease up so that I will actually do some of the management stuff I keep putting off, so that I will recognize those tasks as being as vital as adding new designs to my shop.

Also, I could use more fun. Space to revitalize and play. Heck, to blog.

My inner voice is often a harsh critic insisting I'm not doing enough. Since the sentiment holds truth, it's hard to discount; I don't want to discount it per se, just to let what I'm doing be enough for now. I think there's growth to be had within ease that I can't quite see right now.

Here's to 2012: Ease.

What's your theme/intention/resolution/goal for 2012?

Whatever it may be, I wish you the greatest success with it and a happy and healthy new year!

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  1. I picked up a copy of "Your Best Year Yet" a few months back (a recommendation of Colleen/the Communicatrix), started it, got distracted, etc. It being the arbitrary new year with resolutions and what-not I've picked it up again and am reading it today. It's a short book so I should have it finished in a day, then there's the actual exercise part (the book is derived from a half-day workshop the author teaches) which should take a few hours. Sarah and I are probably going to sit down this weekend and outline a course for this new year. Sailing along without a map hasn't done much for us so far. Or at least, we haven't done as much as I would like.

  2. you know, i think i haven't felt this many people target the concept of ease or serenity for a year in a long time. whether because of recent hard times or predictions of doom, i don't care, i like and support it. my resolution is steadiness and serenity.

  3. Iron Fist: I've seen Colleen mention that book before and I was curious about it but have yet to take it further. You'll have to let me know how it goes for you.

    Ah, maplessness...I know how that goes. I may add a few specifics for the year of my own. Best of luck to you!

    Brandon: Thank you for your support! Serenity is a great companion for ease and also makes me think of Firefly, so that coupled with steadiness sounds like a excellent combination. May you have a peaceful new year!

  4. You know I think ease is a great theme. I hope it plays out positively for you!