21 July 2011

Still absolute scum

Growing up, I went to a very small public school system. I graduated with 50 other people, most of whom I'd known since kindergarden.

Two of that 50 are convicted rapists. Neither were friends of mine, but I knew them both. One annoyed the hell out of me senior year in Humanities (a 2-period-long combination honors English & History course) by asking me to tell him stuff that had just been explained. If he'd have fucking paid attention, he would have heard it.

The other was more part of the drinking/stoner crowd in high school. His dad was our gym teacher in elementary school.

13 years ago, the two of them drugged and raped a woman repeatedly while a third roommate videotaped it. The tapes were never recovered, but idiots that they always were, they showed it to people who came forward after the victim filed charges.

The one who annoyed me in Humanities was caught, tried and ultimately plead guilty. He served 22 months or so of his 15-20 year sentence before his conviction was thrown out due to a mistrial. He was convicted again last year, but just given two years probation and time served. He also has to be part of the Sex Offender Registry for life. Last I heard, he was living on the opposite side of the country.

The other one went on the lam and was caught about 3 years later. He was convicted and is serving 9-10 years which is probably up not too long from now.

The videographer, a younger guy not from my school, finally plead guilty though with greatly reduced charges. Initially he was tried under laws that made him as culpable as the rapists for being there and not stopping it/encouraging them, but there was a mistrial. He must have a good lawyer though because he only got 2 years probation when all is said and done. He did at least say that things occurred just as the victim had said, though I'm not sure how much consolation that provides all these years later.

The initial case was entirely hearsay except for the victim's testimony, but I never had any doubt that my two classmates could be that stupid and cruel. They deserve more jail time, especially Annoying Guy and Videographer. I don't care how good they've been since.

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