09 June 2010

Llamas, sheep, and sky

A year ago on TTaT: 12. Storm Front; Boys are weird, or maybe it was the time of day


  1. My god those llamas and sheep are cute. I've wanted a pet llama ever since Sesame Street aired a whimsical segment about a girl who lived in New York and took her llama to the dentist. Years later I concluded it was probably fiction, but apparently it's all true if you go upstate a bit.

  2. It's worth noting that these are sheep-guarding llamas, or llama shepherds. There was a drive on along the fence and I stayed on the far side of it as the llamas eyed me but good while I took a slew of photos. The llama in the last shot was slowly making its way over to the fence & me which is when I decided to head back downhill. I don't know how far they can spit, but I know that they do.

    But they are cool. The eyelashes on the llamas are quite stunning.

    Also, in a more Sesame Street vein, there have been llamas at the library's pet fair in years past. :)