06 May 2010

Petri dish of humanity

That time of year again, i.e. town meeting time.

Did some yoga this morning to bolster my inner calm though I depleted it some later by hitting the grocery store and fighting a bit with a gas pump.

I'm wearing my Spanish Inquisition t-shirt and jeans, and I'm not going to dress nicer for those people this time. (Though I do confess I used some hair product to cut down on the frizz today.) "Those people" in this case being parents and teachers from my youth since I'm back in my small hometown these days. Though I don't always know/recognize them (and even when I do), they have a way of always recognizing me and asking my least favorite questions.

Plan of attack: Attack is apt since my primary defense will be to play offense: ask how retirements, kids, etc. are doing. Get them to answer questions.

Be confident. You shall be known as Usul. Remember your pursuits are legit even if they are evolving.

Remember what's their stuff and what's my stuff and do not commingle the two.

In the past, my default strategy was: be invisible so no one will notice/talk to you. I'm tired of adopting a wallflower's cloak; it screws with my confidence. It will be tempting to replace it with a fuck-off vibe with some of these people, but my real aim is to stand my ground. Be seen, be noticed, or not. My choices may be unconventional or judgment-inspiring, but they are mine.

OK. Keep breathing, kiddo. And maybe take a book. And draw when people irritate you by wasting time and asking questions that are answered in the flyers available upon entry. Ah democracy.

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