22 May 2010

And then there was sugar

Spending a couple weeks around someone with the wet hacking cough of bronchitis is enough to up anyone's inner hypochondriac/germophobe. Despite my obsessive hand-washing and distance-keeping, I started feeling tired and had a bit of a cough. But really, the weather was changing every day, so those symptoms aren't unusual considering my allergies and sinuses.

That's not even really the point.

In the past two weeks, I've tucked into many a snack-sized candy bar. Twix, Butterfingers, 100 grands bars. SUGAR.

I read enough blogs by people with food issues to know I'm not just chowing down on the sweets to boost my energy. Seems I'm feeling lonesome of late. The depressing thing is that knowing that isn't quite enough to improve my snack habits.

Kind of want to take a four-hour nap and then sleep for ten hours. That sounds like depression. Hmm. Bit more susceptible to self-criticism and taking things personally of late but still able to let things go, so I chalk that up to the price of spring.

On unrelated upsides: putting old Legos in the washing machine seems to work. Heaps easier than washing bunches of them in the sink.

Also, Valve is offering their very cool game PORTAL for download free on Mac or PC until May 24th: http://store.steampowered.com/freeportal/

It's a puzzle/first person shooter sort of game. Pretty darn cool. The graphics are sweet.

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