04 March 2010

Snow Tracks

I find it rather odd how aligned the tracks are considering a person did not make them. Consulted xkcd, but no luck.

Any theories?

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  1. that is interesting. it almost looks like something was hopping along. which seems rather unlikely. very curious!

  2. It's the elusive New England Pogo Monster. Obviously.

  3. Elisabeth: I know it's unlikely but that was my best guess too... I was thinking a squirrel. They do sort of hop over the snow rather than trudge through it, and they're small enough that the holes might be made by 2 feet at a time. But it would mean they were able to land in their front paw holes with their back paws as they proceeded.

    Iron Fist: I knew I should've gotten one of those animal tracking cameras set up outside! A New England Pogo Monster would be AWESOME! They're the friendly type right? I could put on my fuzzy hoodie and socks and go say hello... sort of lo-tech Avatar style.

  4. Wow! I have no idea!

    But I love seeing tracks on fresh snow. It feels so calm!

  5. Usually, I like clean expanses of snow, but I did like these mysterious tracks.