13 March 2010

Sketchbook, page 11

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The process of filling a 120 page sketchbook by year's end continues:

"p.93 of How to Draw Animals by Jack Hamm"

In page 5's sketchbook post, I explain how I removed the non-photo blue sketch lines from the image. For the camel, I also used Photoshop's clone stamp to clean up the remaining residue of the blue lines a bit since I tend to draw with a heavy hand. (I am making an effort to go lighter with the blue these days so we'll see how it goes with later sketches.)

A year ago on TTaT: And now for a quick read...


  1. Your sketches look great. Good luck with your goal by years end. If you want more illustrations to practice with there is a free mini course you can download at How To Draw Animals

    Might help you

  2. Thanks very much, and thank you for the suggestion.