29 March 2010

Beyond: A Solar System Voyage

16. Beyond: A Solar System Voyage by Michael Benson (3/5)

Cool photos of the planets. However, I felt like the author had a chip on his shoulder he was trying to exorcise in the text. (I much prefer his mind-blowing book, Far Out: A Space-Time Chronicle.)

Beyond: A Solar System Voyage is meant for young readers but the author spends an undue amount of time explaining his editorial/writing choices.

Presumably this is a simplified version of his adult book of the same name from 6 years previous. That would explain why some of the vocabulary seems advanced. The glossary is pretty minimal compared to the number of scientific words throughout the text.

Decent overall though. Looking forward to checking out some of the reference websites listed in the back:
Jet Propulsion Laboratory Photojournal
Views of the Solar System
Nine8 Planets Solar System Tour
PDS Imaging Node
Visible Earth
NASA images

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