07 October 2009

Katie and Emily: know the song from their episode?

Anyone watch the UK show Skins on BBC America? I love the opening song from last week's episode, season 3 episode 9: "Katie and Emily," but I don't know the title or artist.

The UK site for the show does have a music guide, but it turns out they changed all the songs for the American release. The BBCA Skins site has no music guide and no one in the forums knows what it is. My go-to song identifying method of searching bits of lyrics on google has also been fruitless.

I would call the song dance music or electronic. Female singer with female backup, fast paced lyrics. Starts with staccato guitar chords, then brings in the beat.

Lyrics as best I've been able to pick out, in order:
"I see your eyes are looking at me" (First line of song, may not be exact.)

"back to the beat"

"Ooh ah yeah.
Bring it to the dance floor."

Bridge: "I don't want romance with you."

"Ooh ah yeah.
Working all week,
gotta work it out,
let me show you what this party's all about."

"time and the place and the opportunity"

Do you know this song? I would link to video of the song in the episode, but the UK is strict about copyright infringement on YouTube, so none of the videos will play in the US. They might play elsewhere, but they might also have the UK soundtrack. I am not interested in the Lady GaGa song "Beautiful, Dirty, Rich" from that version.

If you know the song or have any other search suggestions, please leave a comment. Thanks!

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  1. I apologize, but I am terribly unhip. I really have no idea.

  2. No need to apologize, this is essentially* an unhip zone, hence the needing help.

    I actually had this moment tonight when it occurred to me that maybe I'd hear it if I listened to the radio more. That'd be old school, and pinning a lot on luck to the only alt. rock station here.

    *I should delete 'essentially' instead of equivocating but part of me hopes there's a smidgen of hipness 'round these parts.