23 December 2008

Today was better

I discovered that I can maintain my calm if the ratio of introvert to extrovert is 1:1. In that scenario, I can even participate in conversations.

Mostly it was my SiL's assume-the-sale approach to 'asking' favors that got on my nerves. Her approach tends to elicit the reaction she's prsesumably trying to avoid. It also makes everything seem like a bigger deal/commitment than it is. Sigh.

I did go sledding with my bro and niece today. Opted for pajama bottoms under canvas cargo pants since I don't have long johns. Think I would just stick to jeans in future since we weren't out that long. SiL made it sound like a big deal outing, entertaining the niece all afternoon, which to me sounded like going somewhere else to sled for a few hours. We just made use of a small hill in the backyard though, so getting wet wasn't a big deal.

Located more bows and ferried piles of packages downstairs in lieu of wrapping which suited me well. I really dislike wrapping--I don't think my family appreciates that. Also, I didn't bust my ass wrapping all my gifts before bro and his family arrived just so I could wrap their packages. I already wrapped a couple for mom.

I just want people to stop volunteering me for wrapping. If the counter was: then you won't get as much stuff, I would be OK with that.

A'right, I should go. I have ornaments to stuff and glue shut for my SiL so my niece can decorate them tomorrow. Man, I'm tired.

Finally tried an Indian restaurant we've been meaning to though, and it was very good, so that's a groovy find.

Hope everybody's enjoying their fams as much as possible this week. ;)

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