02 December 2008


Though I haven't been watching lately, I've absorbed enough What Not To Wear and the like to keep me from buying clothes that are totally wrong for me. I'm not prepared to make the sorts of changes Trinny and Susannah would espouse, but I do at least have improvements in mind. To wit, closer fitting long sleeve tees. Classy, I know.

Anyway, I'd been wanting to go to an L.L.Bean store for a while to try some on, and get a feel for size. Alas, today I found the small men's was still too big for me. It was a disappointing blow. Women's sure, makes sense, but the colors suck.

Walking through some department stores, considering gift options for my brother, I saw so much that I liked. All men's, too large, and wouldn't fit flatteringly anyway. If I were still essentially me but a man, I'd be such a goddamn snazzy dresser. Bring on the Perry Ellis. Even the casual wear would look better. I love men's clothes: the cuts, the colors, the patterns. It's not fair.

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  1. It is tough to find styles and colors that are flattering. Time to start shopping online!

  2. Online has been driving me crazy too even when it should be simple. E.g., measure your favorite t-shirt and compare it to the charts.

    Of late, the numbers are so far off it's hopeless. grr.

  3. And what if a guy wanted a magenta shirt? He'd be out of luck.

    I read somewhere about a clothing line that made menswear for women's bodies, but of course I can't remember what it was called. And it was probably really expensive anyway.

  4. They do make pink shirts for men for some reason though.

    Menswear for women, welp, there goes my big idea (was just thinking it earlier today actually), but I don't like sewing much anyway so it's probably just as well.