02 September 2008

Llamas, they won't just spit in your eye

Driving past the local farm by the river, I'm always on the lookout for what animals might be in their pen or grazing in the field across the road. On any given day, you might see some, none, or all of the following: sheep, chickens, a couple of llamas, a horse, a cow, and some dogs. More than once, I even thought I saw a pig, but I'm fairly convinced now that I was just glimpsing an odd bit of rounded pink plastic hanging on the pen's fence.

Tonight as I drove past, the flock of sheep were confined by portable fencing in the field a ways down the road. I saw the white llama first, its eyes covered with a mask of black, peering at me over the tall weeds between the makeshift pen and the pavement. If it's possible to get the evil eye from an animal, this one was giving it to me. The brown llama kept watch in the other direction at the far diagonal of the pen while the sheep grazed in between them, oblivious.

I don't know how llamas get trained to become shepherds, but I think it's very cool. They are so effective, in fact, that I doubt I will venture close enough for a post-worthy photo any time soon, if ever.

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