01 September 2008

Cookie Monster: just can't get enough

Sesame Street just keeps up with the cool. They've got clips online which are easy to search with categories and tags.

Watch some Monsterpiece Theatre,
Cookie Monster escapades,
or Classic clips.

Don't miss Anderson Cooper filling in for Oscar the Grouch on GNN,
or Neil Patrick Harris in some entertaining clips. The man has some pipes!

Feist performs 1 2 3 4 in Sesame Street fashion,
while other celebrity appearances can be found here. They have quite a variety up.

I think it would totally rock to be in a bit on Sesame Street with someone furry, a fuzzy blue monster with a penchant for cookies if I had my druthers. Or someone who likes to count. Or even Elmo, he's a nice fuzzy red.

Did you see that episode of West Wing where some characters from Sesame Street come to the White House? How excited the staff was, that'd be me.

Having Big Bird sit next to C.J. was brilliant!

A year ago on TTaT: Fresh view

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