25 July 2007

What do you mean, no more Wendy's?!

The day started out well enough: feeling good, ready to tackle some errands, but my energy and motivation vanished with a wave of nausea. Drainage, sinuses, weather, pollen, particulates: I curse thee all. Some slow breaths, a couple Pepto bismol chewables, some more mental concentration, and I felt past the risk of throwing up. Still didn't feel particularly well though.

I studied my stomach's moods to discern what I might feel like eating later. Wendy's chili with cheese and some crackers. Didn't sound great, but it was the only thing that sounded all right.

That's when mom informed me there was no more Wendy's.

"What?! No. Huh?"

"There's no more Wendy's."

"What do you mean no more Wendy's? What are you talking about?"

Apparently the guy who owns several franchises across the county was having serious financial problems. Instead of setting closing dates, he just waited for managers to call him and say they were running out of burgers and then just told them to close. No warning, not even for his employees. What a dick.

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  1. That is royally insane! But it will also save you from fast food. I have been boycotting the only Wendy's in my town for the past four to five years (I forget how long it's been). When it changed owners, the new guy was really abusive to its staff, especially to women. There was an uproar on campus and in town, and a boycott was organized. We did not gain that much, actually, since the guy is still in business, but I never went back - and I really like Wendy's fries and chili.

  2. Wait, you're in Syracuse, right? My ex is from there and loves Wendy's. She'll be so devastated to learn that it's no longer an option when she visits her parents.

  3. what?! really!? there is one a block away from my work. i never eat there but now i am curious.

    that's bad business.

  4. Kevin: I was so bummed.

    Elisabeth: There's other fast food to be had, so it probably won't change things too much. Your Wendy's guy sounds like a real ass. Good for your for boycotting him.

    Cheryl: Actually, I'm a good bit East of there and I think all his other franchises were East of me, so your ex's parents's Wendy's should be unaffected. Woo, how's that for a string of possessives?

    Sizzle: It's just a local thing as far as I know, but the way my mom said it had me thinking the whole chain too.

    It's definitely uncool for me as a consumer, but it's totally irresponsible when it comes to his employees who are now out of work without having had any prior notice.