10 July 2007


At Home With Kate: Growing Up In Katharine Hepburn's Household by Eileen Considine-Meara (4/5)

The author's mother was Ms. Hepburn's cook and housekeeper for thirty years, and the author was often enlisted to help out. The book is full of short, straightforward anecdotes which give a sense of what Katharine Hepburn was like in daily life. Also included are many mementos from the movie star; photos of famous visitors, her East 49th Street NYC brownstone and Connecticut estate, Fenwick; and recipes for several of Hepburn's favorite dishes.

I found it a thoroughly enjoyable read and an interesting take on a life of fame and privilege from the help's point of view. Hepburn was clearly a demanding employer but also a very generous one.

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  1. I may check that one out. Thanks for mentioning it here!

  2. You're welcome. It's an easy read- most of the chapters are really short so it's easy to pick up even if you only have a few stray minutes here and there.