03 July 2007

Damn your revisionist history, George Lucas!

I made two trips to storage to dig through boxes and crates to find my pre-alterations VHS trilogy box set of Star Wars. When I found it, I felt satisfied knowing I hadn't given into The Man and his revisionist history.

But then... I was dismayed to find my set was full screen instead of wide screen. And The Empire Strikes Back was a little glitchy in places and never fully tracked correctly.

Best Buy has the limited edition Star Wars (episode IV: A New Hope) DVD with the original theatrical release version on sale this week for $6.99, so I picked it up. I'd seen all three DVDs a week or two ago at Costco for $9.99 each. Since I know they rotate their DVD stock fairly often, I succumbed to the limited edition ruse and picked up the other two films.

The whole "limited edition" aspect ticks me off to no end. If I felt certain the original versions would be available down the line whenever HD or Blu-ray or something else wins the next media evolution, I'd have waited. It's also irritating that Lucas hasn't offered a restored original version. I'm all for 5.1 surround sound, cleaned up special effects and film. They had to do all that on the originals anyway for his revised special editions. Grr.

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