13 July 2007

Creative space

I used to paint on an easel in the laundry/back room of our old house. Whacking brushes against an easel leg to dry them off always gave me great satisfaction. I had to be careful to get all the paint off, so I wouldn't spatter light colored spots on the floor and wall.

Now I don't have easy access to an easel and I'm not sure where to set up. Dining room? A card table somewhere else? The floor? Flat or propped up? The canvas that awaits has parameters imposing additional challenges. It's fairly small though, so I think I will work flat on my drop cloth somewhere.

I keep thinking about light, how I'd prefer to paint in daylight to artificial, but not many rooms are suited for it. Also, some rooms are more convenient for listening to music than others, and working with acrylics means I should try to do it all in one shot, which adds a time constraint.

Trying to sort out the where is doing more to prevent me from starting than the other limitations.

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  1. I have tried, but I am miserable failure at painting. I just can't make my hands communicate images on canvas. I hope you figure out the right spot to get back to the paint soon! What a cathartic creative gift to have!

  2. Thanks. Even when I painted fairly often, they rarely turned out precisely like I'd imagined. That was kind of nice though... in a lot of my creative pursuits runs a streak of perfectionism. In painting, I start with an idea but allow it to unfold as it will.

    I'm no great painter, but I've come up with some stuff I like the look of. Becomes cumbersome to store though...