19 April 2007

Yeah, I watch Smallville

From the moment Christopher Reeve looked right at me from the big screen (at the tender age of 5), I've had a thing for Superman. That's not why I'm writing though.

Lynda Carter, my other superhero idol from those years, is guest-starring on Smallville as Chloe's mom tonight. What a cool casting choice! I'm rather looking forward to it.

As an unrelated aside, I also saw 7, yup SEVEN, pygmy goats this evening. So cute! That's enough to make just about any day a good one.

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  1. Wow, where does one go to see pygmy goats? (I'm tempted to say...Smallville, home of many petite beings?)

  2. Ha! Well done, Cheryl. My post was more cohesive than I gave it credit for. :)

    Ooh, The 2007 NPGA National Convention will be held in Auburn, CA, June 21-26, 2007. That'd be the National Pygmy Goat Association, of course. Don't know where Auburn is, but I bet it'd be a hoot!

    Where I live there are a few stray small farms amidst residential areas that keep various animals. You can see them from the road if they're out which is always a treat.

  3. I just clicked on that link. My god they're adorable. I think I know what I'm getting my cats for Christmas.

  4. Excellent! or possibly Disastrous! Either way, I'm sure there will be excellent blog material in the aftermath. :)