19 April 2006


As I approached the roadside farm, I expected to see sheep, the mama-llama that looks after them, maybe a goat, dog, and some chickens, but when I caught that glimpse of pink with some dark mottled spots, I was so psyched. They have pigs too!

Later, after dinner we drove home the back way, or rather, the other back way. Golden streaks and long shadows, a road I'd never traveled or had long forgotten, beautiful cattle, a pony like a rusty oildrum with short legs, ruins, and spectacular new houses: pretty amazing.

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  1. Where were you? Besides the obvious, "at a roadside farm" answer.

  2. Ooooo -- do you have photos of ruins? I like ruins. Old, broken things are cool.

  3. Michele: I like ruins too. The pic that's coming to mind is of an old drive-in that was falling down. Might not qualify as "ruin" to some, but it's pretty cool. I'll have to find and scan that. I may have some others... I'll keep an eye out.