03 March 2007

Present, meet past

Generally speaking, I'm organized: not neat, mind you, but systematic. The documents I was able to retrieve from my old pc (ca. 2002) were arranged in their original folders all within a folder named simply: claire's old pc files. Very orderly.

All until it suddenly felt desirable to integrate these files with my current documents folder. As I proceeded, I found many of the corresponding folders contained within "archive," "from rays imac" and "old writing," more recent file sets and subsets which have also not yet been integrated. And then there's all the duplicate files but in different formats.

It is a huge frakking mess.

I should be more ruthless in my deleting since it's all backed up to disc, and I rarely look at most of these files anyway. However, part of me knows that if it's not right here, I won't go hunting for it amidst backups.

Here's to restoring order: may it prove more swift than agonizing.

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