16 January 2007

Other People

I don't expect much regarding the quality of library CDs, but I do wonder what the hell people do to them. Eat lunch over open cases? Key the discs to assuage their aggression? Stand on a pile of CDs and do The Twist? When I gingerly tried to pry open a booklet that was badly stuck together, it smelled of vomit; I promptly put it back and washed my hands for a right long time.

Is it so hard to hold CDs by their edges and not spill stuff on them or throw up all over them?

In other news, Fitena is hosting Carnival of the Mundane this Friday. She's accepting entries until Thursday the 18th. More details and submission info is available here.

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  1. I've wondered the very same thing. And then I ask why the libraries don't check them upon bringing them back in. I've had several that I've waited weeks for only to not be able to play them at all.

  2. Well, having worked many a year in libraries, I don't fault them; they really don't have the time for it. It would be nice if they had a cd cleaner they could run them through if they looked really scungey though.

    CDs that in some cases crashed my computer, I had better luck playing in a regular cd player. Not all the tracks necessarily, but more. You might give that a try if you haven't already.