30 January 2007


The other night out at dinner, I saw my 6th grade social studies teacher and her husband having dinner with the town grocer and his wife.

A rabbit ran across the road on the way home even though it was very cold out.

Last night, when I hit stop after finishing watching a show I'd taped, I could not fathom why I was looking at Nancy Grace. I'd left the channel on the cartoon network so I could see what episode of Inuyasha was on.

I typed in 59 on the tv remote. Still Nancy Grace. I typed 59 on the vcr remote. No change. Toggled between video and tv. Same. Wtf?

Tried some other stations only to discover that our whole channel lineup had switched in the 45 minute window during which I watched the tape. Could only think to myself: I have to tape Veronica Mars tomorrow, we better still have The CW. (We do, plus a handful of new channels I might conceivably watch- not necessarily a good thing.)

And tonight, this was my fortune:
Fortune- Made in the USA
I'm used to not getting actual fortunes, but this one left me truly nonplussed.

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  1. Nancy Grace has been known to possess television sets to improve her ratings. She's freaky like that.

    Blame Run Jen Run for my presence on your blog.

  2. Egan: Agreed, she is freaky like that.

    And welcome! Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.