09 January 2007

I want one

Though I've always agreed that iPods are cool, I've never wanted one. I'm just not one of those walk-around-wearing-headphones sort of people. However, Apple's new iPhone has my attention. Phone, iPod, web browser, digital camera: yeah, I want one.

Will I actually get one? Well, considering it still needs FCC authorization before they can sell it, and there's no price listed for it (though it must be more than an equivalent capacity iPod), I'm thinking no. No time soon anyway. Still pretty cool though.

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  1. I absolutely adore my iPod... (2005...) As well as my new camera... But I don't think I'd want a combination, somehow. Possibly I just want a valid reason for more things - one for each function, right?

  2. Ultimately, I'd want a separate better camera as well, but I like the idea of having one as part of something I know I'd carry around all the time.

    It's all daydreaming at this point in any case since I read that the iPhone won't be available for 6 months and will cost $500.

  3. I must be the only person not wholly impressed by the iPhone.

  4. Well, I do tend wonder if it's touch screen technology will leave you with a perpetually greasy screen to look at. Also, the guy's hand holding it in the photo must be HUGE. It's a bit too big to fit nicely in a pocket.