28 January 2007

Is a printer still a printer if it doesn't print?

I'm thinking no. It's the heap of junk shame taking up a fourth of my desk. It still scans, but that's little comfort. It's more irritating because I don't use it much (which may ironically have started the problem in the first place).

I've been slack about addressing the problem because having tried all the preliminary trouble-shooting steps multiple times, the next thing I'm supposed to try is putting in new ink. Even though I did that a couple months ago and they're all nearly full still...minus all the ink clearing I've been doing. I really don't want to blow fifty-sixty bucks on ink to find out I'd have been better off putting that towards a new printer.

Interesting tidbit I've discovered along the way is that my printer won't print if any one color is out, even if that color is not needed. What a fucking scam! Shouldn't surprise me since there was a class action suit against Epson because some of their printers would say ink cartridges were empty when they weren't yet. Still haven't gotten that check in the mail. Maybe I'll see if the coupon half of that settlement works at their online store and put it towards some ink. Ggrrr.

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  1. Simple answer to your title... no.

    Sadly, though, our dead non-printer is still hooked up while the replacement printer we bought back on Black Friday is still in a box in our office. Heh. We're bad like that.

  2. My printer won't print without all colours either, just like yours. Really rather annoying... Still, I'm sure you're not as non-technical as I turned out to be...

  3. I forgot to say - love the new(ish) banner! :o)

  4. Kevin: I may still be in a bit of denial about mine, but at least I don't have a new one sitting around somewhere. Thanks for making me feel better! :)

    Scholiast: That is such a scam. I wish my printer's problem were as simple as yours was...

    Also, thanks re: new banner!