17 January 2007

Gimme some Dirt

I admit it, I'm hooked: Dirt. What a great vehicle for Courteney Cox.

One year ago at TTaT: The Turn of Obsession
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  1. I love your new banner! It looks really good.

    I didn't get to see Dirt's debute, I'm going to have to watch for sure now.

  2. i wanted to watch it but i feel so inundated with shows. maybe i'll catch it on netflix. it seemed the right part for her.

  3. Thanks, Melissa! I'd had a rough sketch of the new banner on my desk for ages but hadn't gotten around to selecting pics for it until now. I was ready for something new.

    As for Dirt, it shows a few times during the week, so you can still catch this week's ep.

    Sizz: I know how that can be. With all the holiday reruns, I just haven't been watching as much lately; and since I didn't mind giving up Boston Legal to watch this instead, I wasn't adding anything.

    If you get a chance, I think you might like Dirt.

  4. I'm diggin' on Dirt, too. Deliciously dark and slimey. It's my little guilty pleasure out here. :)

  5. Merujo: I like that even though it's such a sleazy pursuit, Lucy has her own form of integrity. She's a master manipulator which is fun to watch.