17 January 2006

The Turn of Obsession

At first, I thought it was cool when I came across a blogger hack for recent comments, but the past few days have spiraled into obsession. The comment hack was a little funky in Safari, so I read several other hacks which were all more complex than I felt like dealing with. Finally I just downloaded and started using Firefox in which the hack works great. Firefox's live bookmarks caught my eye, so more reading and customizing ensued.

Then I made drop down menus of my archives (reverse sorted) and of my recent posts, adjusted the headings, and changed their background colors. Reordered stuff in the sidebar yet again. Just realized I forgot to take out the long list of recent posts, will get to that. Started tagging posts, and tagging some old posts. Found various ways of making categories that involve different skill levels and time commitments.

All this and I started to wonder, am I actually better off now that I know all these other things are possible? I mean really... I've been driving myself half crazy with a lot of information I understand to varying degrees. The catches are the features I see on other blogs that I like. Features no doubt easier to implement or enjoy with a paid account of some sort.

But now that I know there are workarounds for Blogger, am I beholden to use them? Of course not, but I suppose having time on my hands makes me feel like I don't have an excuse not to.

(Links to hacks are listed in the sidebar.)

This feels like the worst thing I've written on ttat. Like the mind of the template coercer is not the mind of the writer. Rest assured I will look for her.

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  1. Looks great, Claire!

    And thanks for the reminder, I must check to see how my 'recent comments'hack looks in Firefox - totally forgot to do that!

  2. thanks Rarity. It should look ok. I was wondering how it looked in Internet Explorer, but when I tried to open it, it just hung up and I had to force quit it.

    It looks fine in Safari but doesn't list in order or always update from the look of things.

  3. I'm not even going to peek into that - I'd have too much fun which means even less sleep and even more grumpy behaviour at work and at home...

    Oh, I wish I could just stay home and play with my webite and blog and still get paid..

  4. That would be the ticket, but in the meantime I've cut myself off from it for a few days, and I'm mellower for it. ;]