13 November 2006


It may seem early to be thinking about my xmas list, but if the past few years are any indication, if I wait until the first week of December, my parents will say, "oh, we've already done our shopping."

So... I'm thinking about what I could use and/or want. And I kind of want a video game system. I know, I know. If not for DDR, I'm sure this never would've come up. It's been ages since I've played and I miss it; it's fun and a good workout. If I had unlimited cash and lots of extra space, I'd probably buy an arcade version of it or a Bowflex machine. However, things such as they are, a small console that could play other stuff too sounds more reasonable. The motion-sensor controller of the Wii definitely has some appeal. Or maybe the more price-friendly PS2 while it's still available since it has several DDR games for it.

On the other hand, I might never be seen from again if I had such a thing at home. Maybe it'd just mean less time on the internet though...and that wouldn't be a bad thing. Right? Hmm.

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  1. Want me PS2? You might use it more than I have....

  2. That's a mighty kind offer, but I'm not in a position to reimburse you for shipping costs at present, and I wouldn't feel right accepting it without doing so.

    Instead, I think you should save up for a DDR game and dance pad of your own. It's good fun! Or if you're ready to give up your PS2, maybe you could get something for it on eBay or Craig's List.

    Thanks for the offer though.