04 July 2005

something I love

Shirts that have spare buttons sewn onto the front flap. I'm feeling vocabulary deficient at the moment. Is it a flap? I think that strip where the buttons go has some other name. I also want to call the shirt a button-down shirt, but my mom corrects me every time saying that means a shirt with a button-down collar. Oxford, perhaps, but the dictionary just mentions the shoe style for that.

Unfortunately the only shirts I lose buttons on are the ones without spares.

something I hate:
People who repeatedly say, "I'm terrible at remembering birthdays," after I've just remembered theirs because it's tantamount to saying, "Don't expect me to remember yours because I'm not even going to try." Am I good with numbers? Yes. Is that why I remember lots of people's birthdays? No, not really. I remember because I think it's important to: the oh so elusive talent I employ which helps me do this? Writing them down. When I get a new datebook, I transfer all the birthdays into it which serves as a mini study session each year. After a couple years, I just remember them. Sometimes I learn the wrong date, and it takes a few years to correct it, so no, no special math skills involved. Choose to remember and your chances of succeeding will go up dramatically. Until then, lay off telling me I'm not important enough to you for you to make an effort.


  1. just stopping by...hope you don't mind. I like your writing style. I agree about the birthday thing. Since I'm the only one in my family to write other family members b-days down and remember, I've decided in the last year to stop completely. I got quite a reaction.......regardless it was priceless

  2. I don't mind at all; I appreciate the comment and am glad to hear I'm not the only one.